The Theory Of Inquiry Learning Essay

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Inquiry learning is grounded in constructivism, a learning theory based on the belief that students have prior knowledge and experience which will be built upon with the introduction of new information and ideas (Kuhlthau et al., 2007, p. 14; Callison, 2006, p. 4). The constructivist pedagogy of inquiry learning is seen in the emphasis on process over product (Mitchell & Spence, 2009), and in the importance of both access to information resources and the ability to use them within a problem-solving context over the mere acquisition of a body of knowledge (Jakes, 2000). As Kuhlthau et al., (2007, pp. 22, 4) stress, the aim of inquiry learning is to not simply find facts but to interpret and synthesise them in order to construct new ideas and deep understanding, thus preparing students for lifelong learning.
I observed Site 4 TL conduct an inquiry learning activity over a period of eight weeks, within the confines of a timetable allocating the class thirty minutes per week. Because of the timetabling, it was drawn out over a much longer period of time than was ideal. The learning activity was linked to classroom learning but the teacher did not want it to encroach on classroom time. The students found it difficult to sustain their interest and effort with this compartmentalised approach.
The TL was aware that she was conducting the inquiry learning activity under less than ideal conditions. We both agreed that a more flexible timetable would allow for a more
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