The Theory Of Interpersonal Relationship

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The theory of interpersonal relationship was formulated by Hildegard Peplau in 1952, and in 1968. The Hildegard Peplau worked as a psychiatric nurse and she believed that Harry Stack Sullivan’s interpersonal theory of psychiatry held many clues for advanced nursing practice. Peplau defined nursing as “a service for people that enhances healing and health by methods that are humanistic and primarily non – invasive” (Fitzpatrick & Whall, 2005, p.48). Peplau defined the phases of the nurse- patient relationship, the nurse’s role during their professional engagement with patients, health, the healthy person, and the environment. Effective communication is important in patient care. Peplau’s theory still considered communication as a basic concept because it influences the patient’s thinking, which influences his or her behavior. Peplau used prototaxic, parataxic, and syntaxic modes of experiencing, initially proposed by Sullivan to describe the person. She explained that by using these modes, a mature person can meet his or her needs and can is able to reduce the anxiety. The behavioral activities of a person are based upon their interpersonal nature. Peplau’s description of environment include the presence of caring adults, secure economics status of the family, and a healthy prenatal environment, and she presented the interpersonal situation as an environmental microcosm within which health is promoted (Fitzpatrick &Whall, 2005). “ Peplau’s theory considered health and illness
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