The Theory Of Knowledge F Social Scientifically Research

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SOC 2290: Research Methods The theoretical orientation of this research will focus on the theory of knowledge f the social scientifically research. The approach will examine the relationship between the level of exercise and personal health, which will illustrate whether the individual 's personal health is impacted by his/her level of exercise or if there are additional variables that might effect this causal relationship. The significance of the study review the issues and factors, whether increasing an individual`s overall level of exercise will result in an increase in the individual`s health. The study does focus on a sample of University of Manitoba Students; the independent variable being the level of exercise and the dependent…show more content…
Conceptual framework Independent variable Constant variable Dependent variable Independent variable: The level of exercise is measured by how much a student’s exercise per week Dependent variable: Is measured by the individual weekly health measurements Control variable: Is measure by the students degree of food intake, whether healthy food or non-healthy food. Section 2: Univeriate analysis Independent variable: level of Exercise A measure of central tendency was computed to summarize the data for the level of exercise. A measure of dispersion is computed to understand the variability scores of the independent variable. The following are the results obtained from the data collection sample size = 1238, Mean = 1.99, Median = 2.00, Mode = 1.00 and SD = 0.889 variable. When looking at the mean, it appears that most students responded to the variable in the questionnaires. And it shows that distribution is symmetric since the mean is close to equal the median, which concludes that this variable has a close to zero skewness. Statistics Q1B recoded N Valid 1238 Missing 7 Mean 1.9919 Median 2.0000 Mode 1.00 Std. Deviation .88913 Variance .791 Range 2.00 Minimum 1.00 Maximum 3.00 Q1B recoded Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent Valid Dissatisfied 494 39.7 39.9 39.9 Neither 260 20.9 21.0 60.9 Satisfied 484 38.9 39.1 100.0 Total 1238 99.4
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