The Theory Of Leadership And Leadership Essay

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The same principles underlie many other approaches such as a Fiedler’s contingency model of leadership suggest a productive group and effective performance of a team is based upon the style of leadership and to an extent to which the leader is able to apply his leadership qualities under given circumstances. The style of the leader is determined in terms of relationship and tasks, whereas the situational factors will include the power of the leader, relationship with the follower and the level of the situation. This theory assumes that a task-oriented leader will be extremely effective when he is able to control and influence his subordinates and the situation. On the other, a relationship-oriented leader will be extremely effective when there will be less control over the situation (Yukl, 2001).
The path-goal approach to leadership can also be implemented within a situation where the leader has to take charge of the situation and most significantly, meet the needs of his team members. This theory suggests, that a more decisive approach to leadership is required where the goals of the task are not clear, the subordinates themselves are inflexible and the overall policies and procedure is unclear. Likewise, a supportive leadership role will be effective in situations where the task is very tiring, time consuming, stressful and frustrating. The subordinates will require the full support of their leader to finish the tasks as desired at the right time and in the right manner.
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