The Theory Of Leadership Styles

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Definitively speaking, the phenomenon of leadership is based upon directing, influencing as well as motivating individuals for the purpose of implementing plans as well as running an organization. Leadership styles vary from person to person and is dependent upon the situations that the leader might be faced with (George, Sims, P. & Sims, D., 2007). Basically, the leadership styles have been categorized into six types (i.e. commanding, visionary, affiliative, democratic, pacesetting and coaching leadership styles). All these leadership styles indicate the different personalities of leaders who are visionary, yet influence people in a style that is identified by Paul Hersey, who proposes that leaders must constantly adjust their leading…show more content…
If the leaders and its people don’t know where to go, then leadership means nothing. Most companies are based on teams, and dedicated team work is required to make things happen. These people and teams need a clear picture of a future that motivate and inspires them to become an efficient part of an effort for getting that desired future. Being part of this team brings more than just skills to the table; it allows us to have a stake which added value in this manager’s view. Having expectations laid out in the beginning is better than adjusting at the end and each member probably gave a little more effort than usual due to the fact we all depended on each other. To this, trust, communication, and handing out daily tasks seemed to be the most frustrating when dealing with different members. The best and effective leaders are not only tied be identified as charismatic, democratic or transformational in their way of interactions through leadership with others, but incorporate different leadership traits for the encouragement, motivation, and putting and influence on others (Hargis, Wyatt, & Piotrowski, 2011). Reviewing the distinct type of leadership styles and then learning from the other leaders in developing an individual into a flexible leader who utilize the different styles of leadership according to the situation is a valuable management and organizational skill. Theories of Teams The theories of leadership that are being discussed here are the
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