The Theory Of Lying As Being The Most Widely Accepted Definition

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Webster’s Dictionary defines lying as “an assertion of something known or believed by the speaker to be untrue with the intent to deceive.” Although there are many definitions of what lying is they are often condemned wrong by many philosophers. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy describes one definition of lying as being the most widely accepted definition. “A lie is a statement made by one who does not believe it with the intention that someone else shall be led to believe it.” The reason this definition is often accepted by most is because in order to object and revise this definition in anyway one must first explain the four imperative conditions for lying. An individual must first make a statement, the individual must believe the…show more content…
The individual telling the respectable lie does not lie for any type of personal gain or satisfaction. In Judith Viorst piece The Truth about Lying, states the reason why people tell respectable, or protective lies, is because “they are often convinced that the truth would be too damaging.” Judith Viorst goes on to state that “they lie because they feel there are certain human values that supersede the wrong of having lied.” An example Judith Viorst uses to describe this type of lie is parents lying to their children about their marital status. The couple may not be want to inform their children of their failing marriage to avoid the possibility of any emotional damages the truth may cause. Another example of a respectable lie would be a combat medic lying to a dying Soldier in order to keep the Soldier calm so they may pass away in peace.
An excusable can be described as a lie that is understandable and inconsequential. This specific type of lie is universally known as a white lie. An excusable lie does not always cause harm to any one person. Instead, this type of lie is most times used by an individual who is lying to avoid blame or punishment. An example would be a Soldier showing up late to physical training because they over slept and then telling their Sargent they were late because they had a flat tire. In The Truth about Lying, Judith Viorst discusses social lies. She stated that most people she talked to
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