The Theory Of Management And The Scientific Management Theory Essay

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Theories of management date back to the beginning of times. Every aspect of life contains some form of management. From managing oneself, to managing employees, to managing an entire corporation, management is a key part of life. Over time different theories have been developed and have evolved. Some of the first theories ever explored include the administrative management theory and the scientific management theory. While both of these theories were studied in depth, I believe that one of the greatest theories to ever arise deprived from the Neoclassical Theory of Management, the Human Relations Theory. As previously mentioned, the Human Relations Theory was part of a larger movement called the Neoclassical Theory of Management and was created to provide a new environment and approach to employees in their workplace. Its origins date back to the early 1920’s from a man by the name of Professor Elton Mayo, who began to start the research that would later bring the Human Relations Theory into play (Perry,Gail).
The Human Relations theory focused more on human relations and their environment as opposed to previous theories that focused on treating employees more as just an extension of a factory machine. Before this revolution classical management theorist such as Fredrick Taylor, and Henry Gantt, Frank and Lillian Gilbreth used a majority of their resources studying exactly how a job was done. They wanted to find the quickest route of using employees to achieve an end
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