The Theory Of Maslow 's Hierarchy Of Needs

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Unit Number & Title Unit 3: Orgs & Behaviour Assessment Title: Assessment 1 Unit Project Theorists There are various theorists that talk about motivation; these theorists are Maslow and Herzberg. Maslow talks about a hierarchy of needs, this includes, Basic Needs, Safety & Security Needs, Social or Group Needs, Self Esteem and Self Fulfilment. Below is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs that he has built his theory around. Maslow says that the basic needs include air, food, drink, shelter, warmth and sleep. Maslow sees these needs as vital to human being in order for the human to survive. Maslow sees basic needs as the most important needs that need to be met for all human beings. The safety needs that Maslow talks about are: • Personal security • Financial security • Health and well-being • Safety net against accidents and illnesses. Maslow sees safety needs as important for the employees. If the employees don’t have personal safety and financial safety within their workplace, then they may feel unsafe in the workplace, which could lead to the employees not working to their full potential, which means that the effort and attention they put into their work won’t be 100%. The employee also needs job security; this will motivate the employee to work to the best of their ability because they know their job is safe. Maslow also believes that the social needs are also important for the employees within the business. He says that the employees need to feel part of the company, as
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