The Theory Of Mind Reading Robot

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Mind reading Robot
The purpose of this paper is to design a greatest technology system called mind reading robot. It will be able to detect any suspicious activity from humans. Here, the focus is on mind reading mechanism, which is indispensable in humans’ activity and evil thought. I propose a model of utterance understanding based on this mechanism. My hypothesis will be following: by reading human’s mind robot can estimate the object’s intention with ease. And moreover, it can detect all the thought from humans’ brain by sending a ray.

Problem statement:
We are in 21 century, in the modern technology era. Along with advancement in the technology there is huge destruction going on in the world. Innocent people have killed for no reason and young children have forced to carry a dangerous weapon instead a pen. They have evil thought in their mind and creating violence in the world.

I would like to propose an advance technology of the 21-century. My approach is to invent an Artificial Agent that can filter the evil thought through their algorithm. My AI would have advance digital camera in it and the high processor network system that can directly have a connection with satellite. Only the government can have and accelerate this AI for national security as well as they can use it to stop the terror acts in the world. This technology hasn’t been existed so far but there is other AI who can read humans mind in the general purpose. For example, a…

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