The Theory Of Moral Rights Essay

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I believe the Governments in countries with ZIKA are morally obligated to provide easy access to abortion clinics and allow their citizens to decide on their reproductive decisions. The country of Brazil will be used to demonstrate how governments in countries with ZIKA are not fulfilling their obligation to their citizens. This essay will discuss the theory of moral rights and claims in relation to the government’s obligations in countries with ZIKA. I will detail the citizen’s moral right/claim to abortions when birth defects are a possibility in the foetus. In addition, the Principle of Utility will be used to argue and challenge current laws in Brazil in relation to the happiness of the people. In the same way, that the Principle of Beneficence will be used to aid the understanding of these obligations that persons in the position have. By way of contrast, these moral obligations do not always concord on which obligation takes priority. Nevertheless, the abortion laws surrounding the cases of microcephaly is conformation that governments in countries with ZIKA are not fulfilling their moral obligations. Over the last year and a half many South American, and Pacific countries, for example Brazil, have been plagued by the ZIKA virus. The Centers for Disease and Control Prevention (2016) defines the ZIKA virus disease (ZIKA) as a virus spread by the bite of an infected Aedes species of mosquito. Such symptoms are rash, fever, joint pain and conjunctivitis. The ZIKA

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