The Theory Of Moral Sentiments By Adam Smith

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Adam Smith is the founder of modern economics, his discussion about the market mechanism has become an economic cornerstone, in more than 200 years of his death has been regarded as 'the sage '.He was born in 1723, in 1723 ~ 1740, in the hometown of Scotland to study;His parents encouraged him a lot his father was a lawyer also worked for Army ,he told Smith 'you should chasing your dream and serve the country If you have to. in the University of Glasgow completed the Latin, Greek, mathematics ethics and other courses. In 1740 ~ 1746, went to University of Oxford to study, although not got a good education, but read a lot of books.After 1750, in the University of Glasgow as a professor of logic and moral philosophy, but also in charge of school administration, until 1764 to leave.In 1759, the publication of "the theory of moral sentiments", obtain high academic evaluation.In 1768, began writing "the study on the nature and causes of the wealth of nations, referred to as the" wealth of nations ". Smith in heaven had not happy, people worship him, talking to him, but do not understand the essence of his thought, just use one of his ideas for their own services. The wealth of nations, 'summed up the early modern capitalist countries development experience, critically absorbed was an important economic theory, the motion process of the whole national economy do system is described. Adam. Smith for the first time on political economics basic problems made system research,
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