The Theory Of Motivation And Motivation

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Schools of thought in relation to motivation refer to the theories developed by different psychologists to explain motivation in dept. it is crucial to understand motivation and the factors that cause it since it contributes to achievement of one’s goal and desires in life. Therefore, motivation can be described as the process of enticing an individual through a reward to increase the occurrence of a specified behavior in an organization. Different factors can be used as motivators in an organization, for example, quality payment, promotion and good interpersonal relationship. Different schools of thought explain motivation in different perspectives thus, it is important to analyze the theories.
Maslow theory He developed a theory in which he argued that the needs of a person occur in a hierarchical manner starting from the basic and easy to satisfy to the secondary or advanced needs. The needs are classified in five clusters in the theory, which include physiological needs, security and safety needs, belongingness need, esteem and self actualization. An individual satisfy the needs from basic to the secondary needs. Physiological needs at work include the need for heat, base, air and salary. Safety and security needs include the need for work safety, health insurance and job security. Belongingness need refer to the need for team, coworkers, clients, subordinates and supervisors. Esteem need refer to the need for recognition, responsibility and high status. It
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