The Theory Of Multiple Intelligences And The Implications That It Has For Teachers

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Gardner’s Theory of Multiples Intelligences and the implications that it has for teachers

Arlet Vega Guerra
NSU ID 01623158
EDU 502 CRN 24704
Psychological Foundations of Education
Dr. EM Rentas

Nova Southeastern University
March 24, 2017

The theory of multiple intelligences which has been a significant and remarkable contribution for many educators and researchers that were studying the reasons and element necessaries to the teaching of specific intelligences was elaborated by Howard Gardner a Harvard Psychologist using many science concepts to explain human intellect.
In this theory of Multiples intelligences at the beginning he proposed that there were seven main identified fields in which everybody have special abilities that he describes as intelligences.
With the Gardner definition of multiples intelligence as a mix of abilities that can be broadened and developed throughout the course of an individual life. He created the bases for a new education model. With this conception that it is actually implemented in many school around the world his followers can see and assure most of the background ideas of his theory.
Gardner study at Harvard University was to address the work of Alfred Binet about The IQ or Intelligence quotient that it’s supposed to measure the intelligence. This test is the base too of another well-known test used now a days in a lot of schools, the famous SAT or Scholastic Aptitude Test which is designed to
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