The Theory Of My Biology Lab At The University Of Miami

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Community is an idea that the powers at be in any university, including my own, put extensive effort to instill into their student’s everyday life. At the University of Miami, the sentiment of community can be felt not only in social events sponsored by the university but also in the classroom. A specific classroom where I observed the implementation of community is my HHMI biology lab. My HHMI lab is structured in such a manner that for three hours, twice a week, three separate groups of six conduct our own independently designed research. The goal of the class is for the students to learn without any professor intervention. The only professor input is when they introduce the groups to the general topic of research and when they critique groups that are presenting their information in a formal setting. Consequently, students have free reign to do whatever research we want within the constraints of the topic, and have to learn everything on our own. The structure of my biology lab is laid out in such a way as to increase community amongst the students taking the course, but in doing so, students lose interest with the class. My biology lab focuses on the idea of community but first, what is community? My definition of a community is a group of people that work together, using each individual’s specific skills, for the betterment of the whole. The goal of a community is for every member to coexist in a manner that helps each person more than if they were not part of said

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