The Theory Of Natural Selection

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Natural selection, a term often used in relation with the concept of evolution. Being as such, ones’ perspective is often led to take sides on a matter that they know little about. One side states that such a concept is full of lies and seeks to throw you from the path of belief. The other says that it proves that man came from a simpler being and that the supernatural is non-existent. Being someone of Christian faith, I was led down the path of the former. It is in my nature, however, to not blindly accept what someone has told me on the sole basis that it is what they believe. So I looked for myself, to come to my own understanding, and what I found led me to reconsider everything I had learned that had fallen onto this “two-path system.” In order to proceed, we must first understand what natural selection is. Natural selection is the process of a species changing over time by inheriting preferable traits caused through mutation. In layman’s terms, this has been boiled down to the phrase ‘survival of the fittest.’ What this means is that mutations that are seen as beneficial become more and more numerous over time through breeding until eventually a new species is born, or the old species completely converts to the new one. An example would be like this: say a species of wild dogs ate fruit that fell off select trees in a forest. Then, one day, a mutation occurs in a baby dog and it was born with opposable thumbs, allowing it to climb the trees and eat the fruit it

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