The Theory Of Nature And Religious Belief Essay

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Benjamin Boateng

Science is primarily based on study of nature and Religious belief are typically based on faith. Reaching a consensus is generally impossible. Natural science has had some vast majority of influence on religion. Scientific and evidence based rational notion has seen to be increasingly replacing religion. In the 21st century, while science has gained in influence and knowledge, I personally think religion has not been supersede. The idea that science and religion are at war with one another is actually fairly recent. It really only arose in the last third of the nineteenth century, after the publication of Darwin 's book on evolution. In the wake of the furor over Darwin 's idea that humans were descended from apes, some people on both sides tried to paint the other side as the enemy. Charles Darwin was the one that put forward the theory that all life evolves by processes of "natural selection." According to Darwin, life began with very simple creatures, which gradually evolved over millions of years into more complex forms. Eventually this process gave rise to human beings. Likewise in the twentieth century, physicists and cosmologists have worked out a scientific account of how the universe came into being. Again, this account says that the universe came into being in a very simple state that gradually evolved over millions of years into ever more complex forms. Again, the process did not happen in a week, but over extremely long periods of time.

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