The Theory Of Nursing : A Perspective On New And Old Developments Of Holistic Nursing

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4. Describe the identified caring concept by drawing upon a substantial number of sources from the literature and describe how the identified Caring Concept reflects the theoretical perspective used in your paper. While there is no magic number of reference sources needed to properly explicate the caring concept you have selected from your Nursing Situation, a minimum of 6 sources is adequate to achieve the task effectively. Limit the number of pages in this section to 4 pages. Section 3 and 4 together are worth 12 points Jean Watson’s theory has been a pioneer on new and old developments of holistic nursing that guide students, faculty, and practicing nurses with breakthroughs related to expanding consciousness research, notions of internationality, energetic healing, and new views of body, as well as spirituality through compassionate human service. Nursing is in a privileged position to understand the contrast between universal and individuals. Nursing is too closely involved with individual persons and events to overlook the unique. What lies within each direct caring experience between patient and nurse is an opportunity for the nurse to reach a deeper level of understanding of self through the experiences of the patient. “ The whole caring-healing consciousness is contained within a single caring- healing moment” (Barry, Gordon, & King, 2015, p.47). The vulnerability of the patient in the caring experience allows deeper levels to be reached in

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