The Theory Of Nursing And The Clinical Skills

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Making A Difference
Now that the theory of nursing and the clinical skills are practiced and embedded in every nurse, the next part of a nurse’s journey is to become culturally competent care provider. A nurse must understand the cultural differences that each individual uphold and practices. Lack of understanding and awareness of these differences can create conflict and misunderstanding when optimal care is being provided. Filipinos are diverse group of people whose attitudes, values, traditions, practices and beliefs can affect their decisions especially when it comes to making a health decision. These variables can all become a barrier in nursing interventions and teachings. Therefore, cultural considerations are important when giving nursing care.
Encouraging some Filipinos to take a simple screening test can be challenging. Screening tests are for those individuals who appear healthy but at a higher risk for acquiring the disease. Its purpose is to reverse, halt or slow down the disease process by detecting it as early as possible. Rather than going to the doctors for medical advice, some Filipinos would say “bahala na” which means “I don’t care.” The study that Francisco Conde and his colleagues conducted on 2014 demonstrated how the beliefs and attitudes of the Filipinos towards prostate screening became a barrier to seeking care. Filipino men are more likely to be diagnosed of advance stage prostate cancer and experienced a low survival rate was linked to the lack
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