The Theory Of Nursing Theory

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Theory is the backbone to nursing as it gives nurses a framework and an idea of what they do and, most importantly, why they do it. Nursing theory means many different things to people and to only give credit to one definition would not be fair. Therefore, the definition of theory alone is, “the doctrine or principles underlying an art as distinguished from the practice of that particular art” (Theory, n.d). This definition is particularly useful because nursing is an art as well as a science. The art lies in the execution of nursing. Dorothea Orem developed the Self-Care Theory. First, this paper will explain the importance of nursing theory. Subsequently, this paper will attempt to summarize, analyze, discuss, and relate Orem’s theory to nursing today. Studying nursing theory is important to nursing because it enriches the practice in general. “Theories provide knowledge, enhances nursing’s power; aids deliberate action and provides rationale when challenged, and provides professional autonomy by guiding practice, education, and research” (Ingram, 1991). Nursing theorists have changed the way nursing is viewed. They rescued nursing from a profession of obeying to a profession of autonomous action. Nursing theorists gave staff nurses a voice. Nurses who study theories have the foundation of knowledge to challenge current health-care practices that do not seem safe or efficient. They also hone their critical thinking skills and are better able to analyze

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