The Theory Of Organizational Learning And Performance Management Essay

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Introduction With the changing economic climate and the notion of a global market, corporations all over the world grapple with the idea of management learning as it relates to performance management in an effort to remain competitive. Hall and Rowland’s article explores these ideas in great detail that are rooted in a fifteen-year research project. I will analyze their research problem, purpose of the study, research question, method of research, significance of the study and its global implications, research findings and finally the relevancy of findings as it relates to my experience in my current corporation.

Research problem Hall and Rowland (2012) re-evaluate the supposition of organizational learning and performance management as it relates to reward within corporations (Hall &Rowland, 2012). The theory of Organizational learning has been an area of study for several decades, in fact, the notion was first asserted in the mid nineteen fifties with Simon (1955). Since then, scholars have studied and documented the theory many times over creating rich literature that indicates evidence of “… learning to organizational effectiveness” (Hall & Rowland, 2012, p. 342). According to Hall, and Rowland (2012), there is no strong accounting of this notion evidenced in performance measured by corporations (Hall & Rowland, 2012). Purpose of the study Moreover, the motivation behind the study was twofold. First, to understand if there were any changes in the results which
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