The Theory Of Personal Identity

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Take a look in the mirror-than back at yourself-than back at the mirror. Is the person that you see in that mirror really you? The question should be obvious but yet it again it is not as we must be able to define what and who our enduring self is. In this paper, I will argue that we should identify ourselves through our individual soul, thus supporting the same soul theory. By having the same soul, we are the same person. I will support this argument by giving a brief overview of all the theories of personal identity then stating the objection of the same soul theory using the same body and same mind theorist. Last but not least, I will then respond accordingly to the objection by stating the connection and unchanging qualities from the same soul theory. There are approximately four theories of personal identity: no self, same soul, same mind and same body (Mondy, 2015). No self-theory suggest that there is no self and what an individual thinks to be themselves is an illusion of the wants and desires they have (Mondy, 2015). Next the same mind theory suggest that the features of the mind such as retaining memories, identifies who an individual is due to the past events that the individual happens to remember(Mondy, 2015). Following the same mind theory, the same body theory suggest that the body and genes of an individual determines who someone is over time (Mondy, 2015). Last but not least, the same soul theory suggests that the immaterial soul depicts an individual and
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