The Theory Of Personality Theories

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The personality theories available, as a collective whole, allow for the complete analysis of the developing personality of an individual. The emphasis of this specific paper focuses on the development of the author, Bryan Barker’s personality. The theories that will be discussed in the relation to the development of personality are the Big Five trait theory, with emphasis on neuroticism, a phenomenological approach, and finally the learning and cognitive approaches. A synthesis of the approaches on past and predicted behavior and events will help to create a comprehensive documentation of the personality of today. To allow of the analysis of personality, a description of the important decisions myself, the author, experienced or large family events that as a result had a potential impact on personality development, will be discussed followed by multiple theory analysis of that event. The first and most important aspect to know is the frequency in which my family moved, roughly once every four years until I graduated eight grade. The moves were not across towns but to different states; Michigan, Indiana, North Carolina, New Jersey, and have since settled in California for ten years. This cannot be called a trauma, although the move from North Carolina to New Jersey was exceedingly difficult to handle. The loss of “best friends” at the age of six, then required to make new friends in a relatively short amount of time, was stressful, and reflecting back, a task full of
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