The Theory Of Planned Behaviour

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Executive Summary This report will endeavour to explain the theory of planned behaviour. The report will outline a detailed explanation of the theory highlighting all aspects of the theory in some detail with examples. The report will delve into the applications of the theory of planned behaviour. The report will highlight the necessary steps in obtaining information needed for the application of the theory. The theory will then be used to provide an explanation of the behaviour. Strengths and weakness will be covered throughout the report, via the use of academic journals to assist with the explanations. Limitations and advantages of the theory of planned behaviour will be covered as well as recommendations of how the theory can be improved. What is the theory of planned behaviour? ‘Attitudes, intentions and behavior have been combined in a comprehensive model of consumer choice called the theory of planned behavior.’ (East, Wright & Vanhuele 2013, p. 139) The theory of planned behaviour has been used across many diverse fields; it has assisted researchers in explaining and predicting health behaviours and intentions which include smoking and drinking and has been used in conjunction with internet use and buying environmentally friendly products. The vital factor to this theory is behavioural intent; behavioural intentions are influenced by the attitude of the individual. The attitude is directed towards the likelihood that the behaviour will have an
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