Three Pieces Of Evidence To Support The Theory Of Plate Tectonics

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The Theory of Plate Tectonics. The Theory of Plate Tectonics states that the lithosphere is divided into dozens of plates float on the asthenosphere and the plates move by convection currents. The theory was proposed in 1912 by Alfred Wegener, a German scientist. I will be discussing the evidence on the theory how we are able to better understand it, along with how we are able to prove his theory more accurate with modern technology. I will also be discussing how natural things such as, mountains, volcanoes, and cracks in the earth’s crust help to validate it. How can we tell if tectonic plates move and if the earth was once one huge land mass? Scientist Alfred Wegner produced three pieces of evidence to support The Theory of Plate Tectonics. Due to modern technology, we are able to have a greater comprehension of his research. One of his three documentations refers to the fact that certain continents have coastline similarities. For example, the east coast of South America and the west coast of Africa have comparable forms. This led him to believe they were once connected to each other. The second piece of evidence states that fossils of plants and reptiles were similar. Two of the similar fossils found consist of the following the Mesosaurus, a reptile fossil, and the Glossopteris, a plant fossil. These fossils were found across the southern continents or Pangea. The third piece of evidence consist of the fact that similar geologic patterns of rocks
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