The Theory Of Preschool Teachers Essay

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Participants Participants in this program are preschool teachers who teach in inclusive classrooms located in public elementary schools in Metro Nashville, Davidson County, Wilson County, and Williamson County. These school districts were selected because of their locations in both rural and urban areas. Target numbers for teacher involvement are n=100 because this is a number of participants that is often achieved in teacher professional development studies with similar designs (CITE). Particular schools will be recruited by selecting underserved school districts that have comparatively high rates of suspensions or expulsions. School board members will be contacted and there will be meetings scheduled with members and principals. Of the schools that choose to participate, there is an aim for 100% participation of preschool teachers because this will have the greatest impact on subjective norms and normative beliefs. Procedures Data on teachers’ demographic, classroom, and perspectives on suspension/expulsion will be collected through a questionnaire before the Pyramid Model training occurs. Demographic information will include the teacher’s sex, age, ethnicity, education, and years teaching. Classroom data will include the amount students in the classroom, the amount of students with disabilities, and the ethnic makeup of the classroom. Finally, teachers will complete a questionnaire on their perspectives of suspension or expulsion practices and their history of using

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