The Theory Of Psychology And New Schools

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There exist various schools of psychology, each having a different approach. Most psychologists agree that no one ‘approach ' is correct. Each has its strengths and weaknesses and adds to our understanding of human behaviour. Over the years there have been various significant developments in psychology, and new schools have developed which try to fill the gaps of previous approaches and offer a new perspective. The timeline could be traced from Structuralism (Wundt, 1879), which was the first school of thought. It proposed breaking down of mental processes into its most fundamental components in trying to understand a person 's mind. Then came functionalism (James,1902). Functionalists weren 't concerned with mental processes, but in…show more content…
However, most of the theories only deal with a subset of the problems. Some theories are concerned about the generation of emotions; some are concerned about effects of such emotions on individual 's actions and behaviours while some are concerned about the links between emotions and actions. One such theory is Structuralism. Known as the first school of Psychology, Structuralism has been developed by Wilhelm Wundt and Edward Titchener. Wilhelm Wundt in 1879, founded the first psychological laboratory in Leipzig, Germany. He is known as the "father of Structuralism" (Dobson and Bruce 1972). Structuralism is primarily based on Elementalism (Alfred Korzybski, 1950) which suggests a conception of complex phenomena regarding essential parts or elements. Structuralism is a theory of consciousness. (Wundt, 1874) Structuralism seeks to observe and examine the person 's mind by breaking all life experiences into the simplest components and finding how they shape collectively to form greater complex experiences and the way they correlate to physical events. Wundt proposes that all emotions can be understood as few underlying feelings or mental states to understand them better and explain how they are all interrelated. Wundt adopted experimental techniques from physiology (Danziger 1990) the model of chemistry also inspired Wundt
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