The Theory Of Psychology And Psychology

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Cassie E Blocker
Lonestar Community College

Author Note This paper was prepared for Psychology 2301 taught by Dr. Anne Perucca


It’s a common misconception that you need to be in a research lab or academic setting to witness elements of psychology in action. The reality is that psychological theories are used almost constantly in our daily lives. Many of these theories are, in fact, a fundamental part of our daily interactions with one’s self and with others. A great example of “everyday psychology”

is demonstrated in the theory of behaviorism; from a teacher using rewards and incentives to finish homework, to a mother using cookies to convince her child to finish his or her vegetables.

Behaviorism itself is the study of all observable behaviors we exhibit. More importantly, behaviorism explores ways to influence these behaviors using positive and negative reinforcements. Some may consider this as a form of manipulation, but it’s important to remember that manipulation isn’t always a bad thing! The study of behaviorism has, in many ways, shaped what we know about the human condition, and also raised many questions.

Study of behavior is an almost instinctual part of the human psyche. Learning how people behave and why, helps us learn what motivates us. Early behaviorists learned that they could study the overt behaviors of animals instead of trying to ask them questions to see what they were thinking (a highly unproductive
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