The Theory Of Psychology And Psychology

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The unified approach refers to a common basis within a field in which all agree. Historically psychology has tried to establish a unified approach using structuralism. Structuralism explores the structure of the human mind by analysing consciousness into component parts. Psychologists later excluded structuralism in exchange towards functionalism (Magnavita, 2005). Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and the mind. While behaviour can be directly observed for example through actions and responses, the mind cannot directly be seen for example thoughts. Psychology trusts upon the feedback of participants through gathering data and then analysing to conclude. All research occurs while adhering to the BPS code of ethics. There are a variety of ways to study the mind and behaviour and similarly there are a variety of approaches to psychology. Unlike chemistry and physics, which adopt a singular purpose and agreed consensus. Psychology can be complex and therefore cannot rely solely on one approach ( Gleitman, Reisberg & Gross, 2010) 2. The psychodynamic approach was first stimulated by Sigmund Freud in 1896. He believed that not all thoughts are conscious and all behavior has a cause. He argued that the majority of behaviours are often innate or derive from early childhood experiences. He also argued that consciousness is influenced by subconscious aspirations and thoughts. The approach emphasises the association between subconscious efforts and the subsequent
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