The Theory Of Reasoned Action As A Model Of Children's Health Behavior

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Exercise One a) One article is The Theory of Reasoned Action as a Model of Children 's Health Behavior (Morrison et al., 2002) and a second is Modelling condom use: Does the theory of planned behaviour explain condom use in a low risk, community sample? (Thomas, Shiels, & Gabbay, 2014) b) The Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA) has long been used to model and explain many health behaviours (Morrison et al., 2002). The TRA says that the best sign of how likely an individual is to undertake a behaviour is based on their intention to do so and what they perceive as the social norms, as well as their environment. One example of this is in condom use. A 2013 study of condom use in low-risk communities strongly suggested that in these situations the perceived social norms were the biggest factor in whether established couples or older partners used condoms during sex (Thomas et al., 2014). Similarly, in 2002 a study involving adolescent health was conducted which supported many aspects of the TRA. When looking at adolescent drinking within the ages of 6th class through to 10th, they found that while much of the results supported the model it did not support the claim that “all influences on behaviour are through intention”(Morrison et al., 2002, p. 25). The authors explain that limitations in the study meant that further research into the other effects outlined in TRA on health behaviours would be required. Both these, and other, studies have shown that the TRA has a strong
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