The Theory Of Reinforcement And Punishment

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The author describes the theory of FB Skinner of Reinforcement and Punishment”, and the popular “Pop” culture of “If you do this, you will get that” as tools that can be used to manage behavior. He explains that the theories of Skinner lead to manipulation of behavior. He claims that punishment is wrong and should not be used, however, reinforcement, reward or praise are controlling, “rewards control through seduction rather than force.” Managers and educationalists have taken advantage with these tools of manipulation over their subordinates and students to obtain, coerce the behavior they seem fit for the situation, making themselves the best judge. The author assesses that “the more rewards are used the more they are needed”. People get unsatisfied with what they are getting eventually and the stakes rise. People only perform if there is an incentive for a reward, else they will not try hard at all. Sometimes rewards can be given for wrong reasons, make the judgements of individuals altruistic and even detrimental. If it pays must be good, the better the pay the better the reward, the greater the incentive. The value and purpose of rewards have become destructive for the convenience of the people who want to control behavior. People are out to get something for what they do all the time, not considering the consequences which may bring. “The value of the act is lost as the demand for the reward grows”. The author brings in the “equity concept”. The purpose of the
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