The Theory Of Science And Architecture

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Architecture can be related to anything such as society or science, society demands the building of their dream and science made building possible. Science and architect share a mutual goal where both intended to improve the society life style or in another word, to achieve community utopia. Science and architect is one of the main elements to promote utopia and this really make the society to believe that utopia exist. The future will be the combination of science and spirituality, and they should be together forever. In fact, only when we successfully continue to improve our level of consciousness and match the level of science and technology, human beings have a future. The future of humanity is very unpredictable, science may change the world as they see fits such as no disease, no hunger or no pain. Science can explain many problems, from the taste of the food to love, because love is the product of science! Nowadays for the environment, sea level rises every year and many countries started land reclamation to fix the problem such as Japan or Netherland. To face these problems, the architect has made a lot of conceptual idea to accommodate future human life. Since then, conceptual-floating foundation design has been under development to adapt the environmental issue. It uses the principle of buoyancy to support the design and the principle itself is discovered by the scientist, which architect adapted this principle to the design.

Architecture is does not only
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