The Theory Of Science And Technology

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The ability of a creature to consider itself and ponder its existence is a marvel of evolution. It is one of the many features we humans pride ourselves on, but we have yet to fully understand such a remarkable feature of biology and other features equally as incredible. In our quest for understanding, unearthing answers to old questions merely leads us further down the rabbit hole and we find ourselves faced with more and increasingly difficult questions. Every generation, every era, has its own culmination of moral dilemmas and ethical quandaries that challenge what we believe of ourselves and the world around us. Ideas of race, religion, animals and sentience, god and man—among others—have pressed us into reconsidering what we believe and progressed our knowledge pertaining to not only the physical world, but the metaphysical. In this flurry of philosophy, we have come to ask, what even makes us human? As technology has grown with astonishing speed following the industrial revolution and the earlier agricultural revolution, science and technology have crept their way into our definitions of humanity. Such ideologies are called “posthumanism” or “transhumanism.” Transhumanism is an intellectual movement that represents human interest in the use of technology to improve human minds and bodies. Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World is one of the great works to have come out of this philosophy. The novel is an excellent representation of transhumanist ideas and especially their…
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