The Theory Of Scientific Abuse

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Scientific Abuse
Darwin, the name widely recognized as the grandfather of evolution, describes evolution as “organ, instinct, or any whole being...arriving at its present state by many graduated steps” (Darwin 158). The struggle for survival forces organisms to evolve gradually and adapt to their environment, therefore increasing their chances of survival. Darwin furthers his theories into the origins of species in which he explains how “several breeds to which each has attended, are descended from aboriginally distinct species” (Darwin 103). The observation of the animals suggests that they further originate from a single ancestor. Darwin’s points are biological in nature. Other notable scientific figures have built upon Darwin’s idea in
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Spencer then points out how the evolved “division of labor” characterizes an “advanced nation” and the more society move towards specialization, the better it is as a whole.
Similarly, Galton talks about the evolution of society as whole, however, he brings up methodologies in which society can be improved. He states “The possibility of improving the race of a nation depends on the power of increasing the productivity of the best stock” (Galton 24). In simple terms, the level at which society improves is determined by how well the upper class can reproduce. Galton is, thereby, implying selective parenthood. In theory, as generation continue, the increase in intellects would result in a more able society.
Adding on to Galton, in the early 20th century, Davenport puts the use of “human harvest” in his study of eugenics. He singles out the criminal minded, the feeble-minded, the mentally ill, and the impoverished groups in society. He proposes “control by the state of propagation of the mentally incompetent” (Davenport 4). He does, however, qualify that he does not mean control by means of extermination, but sterilization of the “mentally incompetent” is not out of reach. Davenport believes that such “characteristics are inheritable ... and they may be combined in any desirable mosaic” suggesting selective breeding of the human population in order to build a better class of humans.
The ideas of
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