The Theory Of Self Disciplined Approach

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Introduction The self disciplined approach is a valuable contribution to the global ethics. This can help to achieve good work place ethics. It is revealed that self discipline can motivate a person to make good choices. This assists a person to do the things ethically correct. It also makes a person more accountable for actions. The self discipline practice is a rigorous practice but it is very important for the ethics management. If the person is willing to eliminate harmful habits, certainly the ethical practices can be implemented easily. This self disciplined approach can be helpful for a person to take action against any unlawful and unethical practice for completing the tasks. The person can sustain the peer pressure for managing ethics and will not compromise with moral principles. The activities chosen by me are attending three yoga classes at a studio, eating healthy foods for one week and abstaining from meat for self. The reasons are illustrated. The yoga classes can bring in very good results in perspective of maintaining health. Yoga and its cleansing practices can be immensely helpful in effective treatments for various disorders. Yoga is found very effective in increasing flexibility in body. There are many position that stretch body and beneficial for various physical joints of the body. Yoga can increase the lubrication of ligaments, joints and tendons. The body starts feeling very flexible. Yoga can help to message all organs of body. Yoga also
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