The Theory Of Social Construction Essay

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Human beings, as a whole, have generated more than enough speculation as to the origins of mortal nature. Why are we they way we are? Why do we do the things we do or feel the way we feel? Scientists and philosophers have almost always dedicated their causes to the study of biology or religion, continuously giving humanity’s gender, sexuality and identity a basis from a scientific or religious perspective. Science is supposed to be correct. After all, that IS the basis of science. Yet how many times has the world thought to be flat and proved wrong? And the sun, which was thought to be revolving around the earth, was proven incorrect? The theory of social construction seems to be a new introduction to the way we see the world. It is largely possible that a brainwashing through society and media plays a large part of the social disparity between men and women or straight and queer people. Perhaps the innate idea that declares from such a young age that we are to be brought up based on our gender truly has very little to do with science and is instead, based on us as a human race? Social construction theory plays on this idea, accusing society of indoctrination through media, literature, and a sense of ‘normalcy’ A standard view gender’s will cause a belief that a mother is made to be maternal, a caregiver, a kind and weak aura while much opposite to the father figure, who is meant to be a brute of physical strength and intelligence. They play social roles, depending on
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