The Theory Of Social Contract

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Stage 5 from level 3 was called “social contract” stage. Advocates reckoned that law did not take this kind of situation into account and objector argued that stealing was the wrong approach to do anything no matter how serious the situation was. By this time, people would start abstract philosophic thinking that laws and regulations were all composed by humans and it was a social contract. They valued the force of law and agreed that laws could help people maintain justice. However, at the same time, they promoted the idea that even though society needs its order, the contract and regulation were not absolute and people could change it if the majority of people disagree with it; the laws that were unjust should be reformed. (Fleming,…show more content…
At this final stage, people believed that human universal morals were above everything else. People became moralist gurus like Immanuel Kant and John Rawls, who could establish a universal code of ethics. Kohlberg and his colleagues discovered that the numbers of people who can achieve this stage was very limited; quite a lot adults failed to even reach stage 5 in their moral development. Kohlberg linked psychology research and philosophical views in his study. The entire research followed the logical order from psychological theory to educational practice to philosophical reflection. He established a unique insight into the theory of moral education systems and proposed three types of moral assumptions. The first assumption was that moral judgement was a development progress from heteronomy to autonomy. This assumption included two specific assumptions. First, the individual’s moral type was age related; the greater the age, the more self-discipline to make moral judgements. Secondly, the type of morality was related to moral stage; individual’s natural process of moral judgement is consistent with the self-development process. The second assumption was that social relations and cultural environment could have a direct impact on moral judgement and self-discipline. In the environment where people cooperate and respect each other, people could reach ethics self-discipline easier. On the other
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