The Theory Of Social Learning Theory

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This essay will demonstrate a knowledge and understanding and discuss the concept of social learning theory, whilst taking into consideration and explaining the way children learn and develop. This essay will focus on the overall concept of this theory and will explore the work of the theorist Albert Bandura and how he contributes to the role of the adult and their understanding of social learning. This essay will then examine the work of Urie Bronfenbrenner in relation to the work of Bandura. Using this theoretical perspective it can benefit the adult by understanding of children’s learning and social development. Furthermore, this essay will link into practical and reflect upon and analyse the relationship between theory and practice.

Social learning theory suggests that people learn from one another, this can be through observation, imitation, media and modelling. This theory is often known as the behaviourist theory and cognitive learning theory because it consists of using attention, memory, behaviour and motivation. “Social learning theory advocates that individuals, especially children, imitate or copy modelled behaviour from personally observing others, the environment and the mass media”. (Gray and MacBlain, 2015). This is stating that a child will look up to someone they respect and class them as models, the child may imitate their behaviour and the way they act. If a child’s behaviour is then reinforced the behaviour will occur again. This theory consists of…
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