The Theory Of Social Work And Psychology Essay

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The disciplines that are relevant to the proposed research are social work and psychology. The theories to be utilized within each cognate are the systems theory for social work and the cognitive behavior theory for psychology. Given the heuristic nature of interdisciplinary research, the theories to be utilized within each cognate could possibly be dynamic in nature; therefore, subject to expanding to include more than just the two theories or disciplines currently included. The systems theory, as the name implies, deals with wide-range integration of methods, theories, and functions, which focuses on the varying levels that individuals interact with members of their immediate families, particular groups, neighborhoods, and other such groups within their environments such as in their schools, etc. The theory takes into account an individual’s experiences within the systems they move. These systems include the family, schools, peer groups, any bureaucracy that might have an effect on the individual and her/his environment, along with how all these systems and concept interrelate with one another. The systems theory is helpful in determining some of the more complicated positions individuals find themselves in and promotes a more holistic approach in working with these individuals. This theory is employed by social workers to aid them in determining what aspects of these systems have had a negative impact on their clients, and once identified, arm them with the

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