The Theory Of Social Work Practice

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Introduction Social work practice is also known as a type of practice that is used to help and assist individuals that are struggling while under the condition of welfare and social issues. There are multiple social work practice fields and centers that many social workers can assist clients in, such as substance abuse centers, domestic violence centers, and child welfare centers. A resourceful tool that can be used for social workers to help understand and connect theories and social work concepts and tie them with social work practical tasks. This model is called a personal practice model. When assisting a client, regardless of what field the social worker is taking part in, it is important to know more about the client. They should be understood through different social and psychological theories, cultural competencies, and personal and professional values.
Practice Components
Conceptual Frameworks There are many different types of theories that relate to social work practice. However, there are three types of theories and perspectives in particular that relate to social work practice shaping society. These three theories are the systems theory, empowerment perspective, and the strengths perspective. The systems theory involves a structure that can shape social workers how they can view the world (Kirst-Ashman, 2012). According to Kirst-Ashman (2012), understanding the systems theory is important because it can help generalist practice social worker target any system…
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