The Theory Of Suicide : Modern Society And Youth Suicide

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The (Un) Collective Consciousness: Modern Society and Youth Suicide in Canada Jordan Armstrong (250413907) Soc. 2240E Survey of Sociological Theory Dr. Amanda Zavitz-Gocan July 2, 2015 In the modern technological society we live in today, information can be shared instantaneously. These pervasive technological tools can usually be seen positively: by providing much needed information to the public in times of crisis or joyous celebrations of achievements. In contrast, there are also negative aspects. Cyber bullying and incessant harassment online has become a major problem in societies across North America, leading to the rising trend of suicide, particularly among teens. People hide behind computer screens and diminish people by spreading rumours, photos and videos in an attempt to humiliate others. This paper will argue that advancements in technology and its effects on modern social structure have amplified the pressures on teens, the resulting cyberbullying thereby leading to increased risks of teen suicide. The views of two components of Durkheim’s theory of suicide (Egoistic and Anomic) will be used to detail how they are the most dominant forms of suicide today. These forms of suicide link to the social structure of our current society and the effects of low integration and regulation. This theory will be used to attempt to answer why teen suicide is on the rise. Durkheim’s theories will be emphasised by relating his theory of suicide to two

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