The Theory Of Teamwork And Leadership

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Michael Jordan once stated “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships” (Brainy Quote, n.d., Retrieved January 28, 2017). Jordan (2017) may have been referring to his experience in basketball or on the court, but the same theories of teamwork can be related to businesses, organizations, and the ancillary small groups that help achieve common envisioned goals. Most teams experience fear, expectations, and conflicts, yet with the assistance of leadership these issues can be addressed, and overcome. As illustrated by Lencioni (2002) even some of the best teams struggle and it is through the Five Dysfunctions Model, that most teams can be improved (p. 185).
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Our inability to discuss or effectively argue left us continuing to work in our teams, yet did not allow for us as individuals or as a group to flourish and further develop.
The next dysfunction Lencioni (2002) identifies is a lack of commitment. After analyzing my previous experience in learning teams it is clear how a lack of commitment emerged from a sense of mistrust, a fear of conflict, and a team embolden with ego. No one really fully committed to any idea or vision as there was no one fully on board with the team as a whole. In the end if the team was given negative feedback, or a lower than anticipated grade; we lacked the ability to take accountability for our weaknesses or mistakes (Lencioni, 2002). Although, we were able to successfully achieve acceptable grades and learn new information; we were not successful to fully adopt the concepts of a learning team and benefit from the concepts of having each other.
Steps that can be taken to develop a successful team, if applicable; is communication. As Lencioni (2002) purposes it is through open dialogue and communication that a person feels heard and supported and thus trust develops. Past experiences have shown that fearing conflict has not helped to develop leadership skills, nor has it cultivated the type of team in which growth and success flourish. Other steps that can be taken is reviewing, discussing, and completing a learning team agreement. The learning team agreement is designed to

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