The Theory Of The Adlerian Therapy Essay

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In this case, the Adlerian therapy will be utilized to assist Lillian, a 39 years old Caucasian female. She is a Christian women, who belongs to the middle socioeconomic class. She resides with her husband, Lou, who is 42 and her twin children, Lucas and Anna, who are 17 years old. Her son, Lucas is mentally and developmentally disabled. Lillian reports a general dissatisfaction with her life and feelings of procrastination, laziness and anxiety about turning 40. She is concerned about her appearance and her weight, even though she is less than 10 pounds overweight. Lillian went through some adversities in her early adulthood. She married her husband after high school and was unexpectedly a few months pregnant. However, they were thrilled and content with this unexpected news. Unfortunately, Lillian had a miscarriage due to a car accident, which was very devastating for her. With her family’s emphasis on continuing her education, she enrolled into a community college but she soon dropped out after continuously struggling with grief and apathy. Eventually, Lillian and Lou were very excited again to be expecting twins. Lillian reports being “full of life” and preparing for the babies. However, after birth they discovered that their son was disabled. Therefore, she was mostly occupied with Lucas and household chores. Additionally, Anna and Lucas are now almost 18 years old but Lucas functions as an 8 years old. He is still dependent for assistance which is provided by his
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