The Theory Of The Attachment Theory

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Psychologists realized that the first few years of a child 's life are vital to their personality and behavioral development. One of the most critical qualities of a child 's development is the child 's relationship with their caregiver. From determining a child 's early attachment patterns, it can help further the child 's behavior in later development, and the way the child will relate to others in her years to come. The acknowledgment of this simple fact has led many psychologists to create theories and findings to support this idea. Bowlby’s creation of the Attachment Theory sparked many famous psychologists to come up with ways to support his theory. Mary Ainsworth is known to be most famous for her “Strange Situation” procedure, which determined how attached a child is with their caregiver (usually the mother).
Mary Ainsworth was a Canadian developmental psychologist who was most known for her work in early emotional attachment and the Attachment theory. Although Bowlby created the Attachment Theory, which implied that all infants become attached to their caregivers regardless if the care is responsive, inconsistent, or abusive. Children who receive “responsive care” during the first couple of years of their lives will be trustful of others and identify the world as a safe and positive place. They are not afraid o explore the world around them and can develop self-confidence and successful relationships with others. Children who receive inconsistent care or
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