The Theory Of The Australian Human Resource Institute

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Executive summary
Through the need of a change within the management of the Australian Human Resource institute this report has outlined efficient ways in improving the success rate of the Australian manufacturing sectors. However, in discovering the right way to dealt the management different theories have been looked upon. The classical 1909 theory was proposed by Frederick Winslow Taylor, which explained that improving management is based on the efficiency and productivity of the employees. This is deemed in Taylor believing that all workers were motivated by the external reward. That being money, so he promoted the idea of "a fair day 's pay for a fair day 's work. In context meaning, “if a worker didn 't achieve enough in a day, he
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This was more commonly referred to as “Maslow 's hierarchy of needs”. He explains that "motivation starts when an individual experiences a need and the individual then creates a goal, which, upon achievement, will satisfy the need" a behavioral approach can be criticized through Introduction
Through this report it sets out to target the Australian Human Resource institute (AHRI) in providing a means to their being an improvement within the Australian manufacturing sector. Through the year that has passed the Australian manufacturing sector has undergone a large amount financial pressure resulting in there being a sufficient amount of staff layoffs and even to the point of closing operations within Australia. With the aim of the report being able to reach a means to stopping the continual drop and deficiencies within the sector, it has been established that through critically analyzing the separate management theories of classical and behavioral theories while providing the AHRI with recommendations of improvement within managing employees efficiently, As well as managing the business itself to act efficiently as well as effective. Through comparing the Classical theory of Frederick Winslow Taylor in comparison to the Behavioural theory of Maslow and evidence of the Hawthorn studies the report will result in the most effective
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