The Theory Of The Deterrence Theory

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Another concept of the deterrence theory that relates to my deviance act is family ties. A family tie means that somewhere down the road, within my family tree the way we act in my family is because its how my bloodline was raised generation after generation. This concept fits right in with the deterrence theory because if someone has a family tie to a certain situation or a certain situation, then chances are they too will join in on the action. This connects to my situation because at first, when I handed my father the letter, he kind of shrugged it off and just looked at it as a stupid school assignment that I had to do to pass my class. This is because of our family ties, any male in my family, whether they are alive today, or have passed away, would have reacted exactly how my dad did. In fact thats exactly how I imagined him reacting with my first attempt to read him the letter. But once my dad had alone time, where he felt no one was going to look down on him for getting emotional, he broke the family tie and reread the letter I wrote to him and reflected on it. When I brought it to his attention that I knew that he went ahead and reread my letter, once again he denied it before finally opening up to me about everything I had written. The family ties were broken, but just between us, for a short amount of time, I don 't think either of us will ever let any other family member know what went on between the two of us for that short 20 minutes of opening up to…
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