The Theory Of The Lincoln Electric Company Harvard Case Study

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Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling are the four basic management functions. These four functions serves as a general guiding rule for every organization or company towards the attainment of desirable leadership style. Executives’ drive the company pursuant to its mission statement, employees should have mutual respect to one another, and the company should offer an acceptable compensation. Thereby working as one community for a crystal clear vision. Having read the Lincoln Electric Company Harvard Case Study by Arthur Sharplin, I would like to contextualize my evaluation into different perspectives. These perspective includes: Continuing influence of the founders, the golden rule, compensation schemes, open communication, and management style. Continuing influence of the founders of the company "The actual is limited, the possible is immense.” With this slogan that the company has, it actually reflects how profound the influence of the founders to the current people living in the company. It was very clear to my understanding that Lincoln treated everything and everyone as associates. Lincoln’s did not only focus on the profitability he could gain with his product nor the productivity that the employees could offer, the founders had an exquisite realization of building relationship with their product, customers, employees and business partners. The influence that Lincoln’s as founders created paved way through an inevitable inspiration that up until today, people

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