The Theory Of The Mind And Matter

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Mind & Matter
Gilbert Ryle’s writing Descartes Myth provides a challenge to the “official theory” of the mind. The “official theory” of the mind is defined as the separation of the mind and body. Ryle describes the separation of the mind and body as the mind existing apart from the physical world and the body existing in the world. He writes that the two entities, the mind and body, combine to create a person. The “official theory” of the mind views the mind as private to the individual, meaning that if a person does not express what is going on in their minds, no one besides them will know their feelings or thoughts. For example, if James is thinking about transferring from GW, but does not express that thought, no one besides James will know that the thought of transferring existed. The mind, which is seen as existing apart from the physical world, can affect the physical world, just as the physical world can affect the mind. For example, James’s mind can make the body (which exists in the physical world) eat a slice of pizza, and the taste, smell, etc. that the pizza provides the body causes an affect on James’s mind. This is how Ryle explained the “official theory” of the mind in Descartes Myth. Ryle believes that the theory of a separate body and mind is a confused theory, as he refers to it as, “the dogma of the Ghost in the Machine.” His argument against this theory begins by labeling the “official theory” of the mind as a categorical mistake. A categorical mistake
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