The Theory Of The Mind Body Problem

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In the philosophical world there is a constant controversial debate of the mind body problem. This debate focuses on the different interpretations of the brain and its correlation to the consciousness. Philosophical theorists have used several approaches to explain this extremely subjective matter. The idea that the conscious being apart of the body or mental is diverse and theoretically proven to an indirect statement in comparison to the various arguments provided. Thus one may need to take a direct approach to explaining the phenomena. Many may believe that there is no precise accurate answer, but this vindicated perspective gives a clear and concise understanding to an oblivious reader. Of the four arguments, I find the functionalism perspective to be the most accurate in explaining the mind body phenomenon.


This perspective explains that every mental state has a sensory or bodily causal relationship. Within the dynamics of this argument, I believe an individual can accurately account for the fact that everything has to have a counterpart to exist. Within the provided dialogue, I will explain the phenomenon in question. Firstly in regards to the mind body concept, which is simply a debate that the unconscious has a connection with the mental state of a person. It includes mostly a metaphysical approach to deciphering the nature of the mentality to explain the phenomenon in question. Within the explanation functionalism has the most informative
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