The Theory Of The Mind Body Problem

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Sonya Cronkrite
PHI 344
June 21, 2016

The Mind- Body Problem

The mind-body problem is the dilemma of explaining how mental states, events, and processes are related to physical states, events, and processes, given that the human body is a physical thing and the mind is not physical. How does the mind associate with the body if they are not considered the same entities? In this essay I will attempt to persuade you that the mind and the body operate together, one having an effect on the other. For me to do that, first I will consider substance dualism. Next, I will explore Behaviorism. Finally, I will turn to my personal belief that the mind, body, and spirit are all connected. There is no way to reduce a person to one single part.
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Physical processes are things that are extended in space. Being skinny, weighing 200 pounds, cutting your finger, or singing are things that are examples. The mind/body problem questions how mental processes such as wanting to go to sleep be causally relevant to the behavior of the body. How can something I think about cause my body to react? There appears to be an explanatory gap between consciousness and the physical realm. There does not seems to be an explanation that is suited as satisfactory to explain if there is a meeting point between the mind and the body, and is there is what would that be? Our bodies can effect our mind. If we take drugs, they do something to us physically that effect the brain. Our minds can effect our body. If we think we are bored, we may do something to excite us. There have been many theories presented that may potentially answer this problem, but there has not yet been a universally accepted solution that can possibly answer the nature of our existence.
SECTION TWO: THEORIES Since we have presented the mind/body problem, we can continue on by examining some of the proposed solutions. This section will focus on the idea of Substance Dualism and Behaviorism. Rene Descartes introduced a possible solution to the mind/body problem through substance dualism. In this view, the mind and the body are composed of two
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