The Theory Of The Political Economy

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The theory of the political economy in the context on media studies, is that behind every media product, has a commercial and economic imperative and as such, has particular impacts on the media content that would not exist if such imperatives ceased to exist. It is these impacts that both limit media products, and allow media products of a particular nature exist. A political economic approach in the production of media is in contrary to the nature of media itself; accuracy, integrity and authenticity are lost in favor to economic power. A capitalist society is one that exists within an exploitative framework. Our society exists and functions due to labor being exploited by those in a lower social class with the intention of economic profit for those who exploit others. (Marx and Moore, 2001) Ignoring the morality of this ideology, it enables a functioning society to a particular degree. When this theory is applied within the context of a political economy of media production, we can begin to understand its value. The nature of a capitalist society means that human labor worth a monetary value and that is exchanged between the exploiter and the exploited. As such, without a political economic influence, media products would cease to exist. Funding facilitates the production of media – labor is required to create, produce, distribute and consume media. All media is influenced by the political economic circumstances, however, the extent in which this model impacts the
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